The 1st International Workshop on Metamodelling for Healthcare Systems (MMHS) takes place in Halifax, NS, Canada and is organised by:

Organizing committee

  • Yngve Lamo, Bergen University College, Norway
  • Adrian Rutle, Bergen University College, Norway
  • Wendy MacCaull, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Program commitee (to be extended)

  • Juan deLara, Spain
  • Zinovy Diskin, Canada
  • Andrew Fish, UK
  • Ralf Kirchhof, Norway
  • Yngve Lamo, Norway
  • Wendy MacCaull, Canada
  • Tom Maibaum, Canada
  • Richard Paige, UK
  • Salvador Martines Perez, France
  • Liam Peyton, Canada
  • Alessandro Rossini, Norway
  • Adrian Rutle, Norway
  • Hans Georg Schaathun, Norway
  • Volker Stolz, Norway
  • Gabriele Taentzer, Germany
  • Hao Wang, Canada
  • Jens Weber, Canada

Published on  February 11th, 2015