Call for papers

The 1st International Workshop on Metamodelling for Healthcare Systems (MMHS)

Draft Call for papers: The 1st International Workshop on Metamodelling for Healthcare Systems (MMHS) 22-25/9/2014, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Rising costs, ageing populations and increased expectations are making the current healthcare systems in the developed world unsustainable. Information technology has the potential to support healthcare but its application has not nearly reached its full potential. Barriers include the distributed and localized nature of the services; continuous changes due to updates in the rules and guidelines; the complexity of the information; and the plethora of requirements placed on the systems by a network of stakeholders. Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) is an emerging and promising methodology for software systems, targeting challenges in software engineering relating to productivity, flexibility and reliability. MDSE is especially useful as a methodology for the development of healthcare systems having the abovementioned barriers in mind. The construction of a metamodelling hierarchy is at the core of many MDSE techniques, especially when new tools and modelling languages are created for the domain-experts.

Submissions are invited dealing with MDSE in general and metamodelling in particular, focusing on their applicability to healthcare, and can range from theoretical aspects to more applied case studies or prototype systems targeting applications. Papers (max. 6 pages +2 pages for an additional fee) are requested to be submitted using ICTH (Procedia) template; papers will be refereed; those accepted will appear in the Procedia volume in a section devoted to MMHS. Please submit your paper using the EasyChair submission system. All papers accepted for workshops will be included in the ICTH-2014 proceedings, which will be published by Elsevier. The authors must follow Elsevier guidelines as given in ICTH-2014 Website. Extended versions of the selected outstanding papers presented at the workshops, after revision, will be considered for publication in journals special issues.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • theory and practice of metamodelling with application in healthcare
  • correctness of healthcare models and metamodels
  • metamodelling hierarchies in the healthcare domain
  • deep metamodelling in healthcare model hierarchies
  • user-friendly domain-specific languages for healthcare personnel
  • abstract concrete/syntaxes for health care modelling
  • case studies of metamodelling in health care applications
  • metamodel management (metamodel evolution, version controll, etc.)

Important Dates:

Submission due: 10 June 2014 Extended. 
Notification of acceptance: 24 June 2014.
Camera-ready due: 15 July 2014.
Workshop: 22-25 September, 2014.

Published on  February 11th, 2015